The thinning moral compass of the Indian EdTech industry

The COVID silver lining for air quality in Indian cities

Drawing on 13 years of personal experience

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How an invisible virus crippled the world economy

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And why it should be reversed at the earliest

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Universities, teachers, students, and parents alike need to embrace the shift

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  • Scalability: In the conventional set-up, if you want to increase the number of students in a class, you need to move to a bigger classroom. Or in all likelihood, revamp the infrastructure. With an online classroom, scaling up the course batch size is a few clicks away.
  • Optimal resource utilization: Imagine a Nobel laureate administering a course at UCLA. At the max, he/she can only teach a…

A case for undoing decades of the Nehru clan’s revisionist history

The Bandra-Worli Sea Link, named after Rajiv Gandhi for reasons unknown. Picture credits: Pixabay

How Leftist Historians, Professors, and Journalists tried to lead the nation astray on the Ayodhya verdict but failed.

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But its efficacy would depend on timely and proper implementation

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  • What is being taught: Everything. Without any thought about its relevance to the job industry. An outdated curriculum. And an inflexible one. “Read this”. “And this too”. “No, you don’t get to choose your subjects, not at least till the last 2 years of your schooling”.
  • How it is being taught: “Take notes, kids”. “Copy everything that is there on the board”. “Reproduce it verbatim…

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You are just scared that you won’t succeed spectacularly

Fear of failure is so ingrained in the psyche of people today that there is a formal term for the fear of failing — Atychiphobia.

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